Beach Guild of Fine Art Member Biographies (scroll down to see all members)

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson has dabbled in the visual arts since his youth growing up in West Texas.  A long time (40 years) resident of the Beaches, he began devoting more time to artistic activities (art and music) after retiring from his career as a professor at the University of Toronto in 2018.  Steve enjoys drawing in various mediums (pencils, charcoal, pastels), and has a particular affinity for nature scenes (trees and forest, wildflowers, landscape).  Steve is also an active musician.  He released an independent album of original compositions (Whimsical, Wistful and Existential) in 2022.  His music can be accessed on streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, under the artist name “Steve Edwin Anderson”.

Elizabeth Bacon

Elizabeth paints mostly from imagination and memory. Her images tend to be playful in mood, and often vibrant in color. She works in watercolour, acrylic, and oil…but mixed media is her favourite. Formal studies were at the Ontario College of Art (now OCAD). Elizabeth can be contacted at You may enjoy more of Elizabeth's work on her new 'artwhims' blog: 

Carole Baldwin - Supporting Member

Carole specializes in oil paintings of buildings, landscape, and people.  She is also a  member of Cedar Ridge Creative Center, and has exhibited her art work at various venues.  Carole can be contacted at :

Helina Below - In Memorium

Since becoming semi-retired from her job as a mental health counselor, Halina has gone back to her roots as an artist. She is a graduate of Ontario College of Art (now OCAD) and, in the past, had worked as a graphic artist and illustrator of children's books using mainly watercolour and pencil. She is now enjoying discovering the art of acrylic painting.

Tina Boroviak

After completing a Fine Art Honours degree from the University of Toronto Tina continued illustration studies at OCAD before diving into a full-time marketing career. However, she continued to develop her artistic skills by attending several reputable schools on a part-time basis such as the Academy of Realist Art and The Toronto School of Art. Now she's finding more time to devote to her artistic expression. Tina's primary focus lies in figurative and portrait work using various mediums such as charcoal, graphite, oil and acrylic paint. You can check out her work on her Instagram account at

Linda Borris

Linda has studied Fine Art at the University of Toronto and Illustration and Graphic Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She continues to focus on her interest in botanical studies and primarily specializes in watercolour techniques. Linda's compositions depict her particular attention to detail and through her art she shares her enjoyment in the lively and vibrant world of botanical essences. She is a past member of the Botanical Artists of Canada and has exhibited with them as well as at Toronto Botanical Gardens, the Gardener's Cottage and Sunnybrook Art Shows. She is the convener of Collective Expressions 2020, an exhibit and sale coming to the Todmorden Paper Mill Gallery this Fall. E-mail:

David Bowring

David Bowring is a retired priest of the Anglican Church of Canada, living with his wife near the East end of Danforth Ave in Toronto.  The first piece of art that he remembers making is an “interesting” critique of the social order, submitted (successfully) for the Wolf Cubs “artist” badge. He  has continued making artistic expressions in various media. His first sketch in Algonquin Park (lovingly preserved) has led to a focus on woodlands.

He has experimented with oils and water colours and prefers a complex pallet of acrylics.  Parallel to this, he has carved small figures and bas reliefs from Basswood and Butternut. He has received teaching from TDSB, Toronto Parks and Recreation, George Brown College and OCAD.

Eventually David has realised that his modest skills are a divine gift and started creating pieces with implicit and explicit spiritual messages. He paints meditations on landscapes filled with rocks and trees and mountains. Lately he has developed dramatic images from aerial views and photos by the Webb telescope.

Barbara Brown

Barbara specializes in botanical and floral watercolours. She started painting by studying with local artists working at first on still life and landscapes. After she took several classes in botanical illustration, she realized she wanted to focus on painting flowers and plants, detailing them in some ways like an illustrator, but also adding imaginative aspects. As a result of this approach her paintings are bold in color and shape and often full of movement. Recently, she has been experimenting with black gouache backgrounds. For several years, she taught art in a secondary school. She has shown her work in local galleries, and shows.

Shelley Cinnamon - Past President

Shelley has been a professional artist since her mid-twenties. Her work has included that of a graphic designer, illustrator and art director. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Painting has always been her first love. Light and colour are the two predominant elements that she brings to her paintings. Her work has ranged from portraiture and figurative through charcoal and pencil rendering. Although having a tendency towards realism her love of impressionism has a bold impact on her artistic style. Shelley hopes never to be coralled into just one look or technique. You can see more of Shelley's paintings on her website:

Melanie Clark

Jennifer Cline - In Memorium


Jennifer Cline has worked for years as a graphic artist and returned to her first love watercolours, 13 years ago. She studied with Chinkok Tan at the Ontario College of Art and Design and is self-taught since then, expanding her technique and style.  She has painted extensively in The Beach area, Ward’s Island and Cabbagetown. She has also traveled to Greece, England, Colombia and the South of France always painting on-site. Her paintings have culminated in nine successful shows at The Beacher Café.  More of Jennifer's paintings can be seen on her website:

Babs Collier - Honorary Member

Paul Corby

Paul Corby has been living in the Beaches for 45 years. He began painting in acrylics twenty years ago. His subjects and inspirations are music, urban lighting, gestures, dreams, and spiritual and mythological topics. His styles range from abstract to "casual realism". He has shown at the Steam Whistle Brewery, Birchcliff Bluffs United Church and the Rebellion Gallery. He adores the work of Kim Dorland and the Automatistes.Paul can be reached at

Joan Creelman

Mary Cserepy - Honourary Member

Mary graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design.  She enjoyed a career in book design and illustration and eventually became an art director for children's books.  The later part of her career included freelancing, a move to fine art and part time teaching.  Mary describes her work in this way: "I identify strongly with the Impressionist movement and their concept of realism as a response to the real world.  They painted directly from nature and no theme was considered insignificant.  My work is a direct response to the subject in both painting and design.  I am motivated by new challenges and difficult tasks and have done landscapes and figures in oil, acrylic, pastels and pen and ink.  I have found portraits in watercolour particularly challenging.

Trish Cummings


Award winning painter Trish Cummings works in acrylic, watercolour, mixed media and print.    She is particularly drawn to the Canadian landscape.    She also enjoys painting cityscapes in abstract form as well as other images.  Trish has participated in classes and workshops at the Toronto School of Art; OCAD; Open Studio; Creativity Art Retreat; Studio Six; The Toronto Watercolour Society; and Haliburton School of the Arts.  She has exhibited in group shows at Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Festival; the Here and Now Gallery; Nielson Park; North York Civic Centre; The Lions Club; St. Barnabas; The John B. Aird Gallery; Sunnybrook Hospital; The Gardener’s Cottage; and AWOL Gallery.  Trish has had several solo shows at the Peartree Restaurant; Yorkville Gallery; the Skylight Gallery and neighborhood coffee shops.  Her works are in collections across Canada, the United States, England, France, Cuba, and Australia.  Trish is a member of several Art Groups in the City of Toronto. You can reach Trish at:

Rosemarie Dickob

Born in Germany, Rosemarie immigrated to Canada in 1965 and fell in love with the beauty and freedom of her adopted homeland Canada. The responsibility of having a young family put art on hold for many years until she became ill in 1997. Since that time art has become a refuge and new beginning. The illness at that time finally gave her the time to study art seriously. She has taken many workshops and lessons in acrylics, oil and watercolour with excellent teachers. Today she is an active member of several fine art associations. Today her work is included in private collections in Canada, Germany and associations.

Cynthia Dudley

Cynthia Scott Dudley, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, now lives in Toronto. She has studied oil painting since 2004 under the tutelage of Russian Academy Artist Vladimir Ribatchok. Before oil painting, Cynthia's art journey began in wood and stone carving.
Artist’s Statement – “Painting is my way to share nature at its finest and people at their most interesting. I work in oils because I find it rich in the colour and the texture that I desire on the canvas. Each image tells a story of happening upon an intriguing face or place.” Instagram:

Sandra Duggan

Sandra Duggan is retired and has been painting for about 15 years. Over the years she has been taking watercolour classes from the ROM - painting in the galleries - Cedar Ridge, Elizabeth Berry, Bernice Tindall, Marjorie Hodgson, Jennifer Cline and Barb Philip (Peterboro). She has been part of some exhibitions with the North of Seven art group in Havelock, On. Sandra loves all forms of art but especially the special effects of watercolour.

Gerda Eckert

Lynda Freeman - Supporting Member

Freeman received her art training and education at the Pratt Institute in New York and took a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University.  After retiring as a teacher, Freeman has turned her creative energies toward her art, and she also teaches acrylic painting to adults here in the Beach.  “I enjoy a variety of uplifting subjects, but really enjoy figurative work,” she says.

Sheila Frost - Supporting Member

b&w bio pic

Sheila is an Art Consultant & Artist from England. Art has always been a part of her life. She painted on anything she could since she was little and enjoyed having the love for design & art.


Sheila had worked as a Project Manager in Marketing & Technology until 2015 when she decided to seriously pursue her passion by dedicating her time to her artwork. Since then she has undertaken many art classes in Toronto School of Art, Art Gallery of Ontario, OCAD University and local classes by some amazing and experienced art teachers, instructors & artists. She has increased her wealth of knowledge and network of artists via the classes, art opportunities & in The Beach Guild.


She initially worked in Watercolours for the enjoyment of flexibility and smoothness and now more recently in Acrylics & Mixed Media incorporating unique designs and compositions. She also enjoys portrait painting, figurative drawing and the occasional sketching in graphite & pastels.


As the above inspired her to come out of the corporate world and into the creative world she decided with both the Business & Technology skills to launch her business to encourage (local) artists to promote their artwork & services to others. She will be an experienced professional who supports artists by providing business advice and offer clients’ artwork from emerging & established artists. She also offers voluntary art demonstrations to communities and schools enhancing creativity in all of us. Sheila has an amazingly good eye to detail and understands how art can be displayed in any space whether it is at home, away from home, commercial business or in exhibitions. Every Art Piece belongs to a home and every wall belongs to an Art Piece!


You can reach Sheila at or soon to be launched website: where some of her work and others’ will be posted for viewing, purchasing or renting.

Caren Gagne

Winona Gallop - Honorary Member

Don George - In Memoriam

Don works in a variety of mediums, though his preference is for oils.  His inspiration comes from nature: the beach, with it's ever changing weather and the seasonal variety in the landscape, and also his studio in the country near Mono Cliffs Park.  Don's work is represented in many private collections in Canada, England, Wales, Ireland, Belgium and the West Indies.  He recently won the Peoples Choice Award in the exhibition: Disappearing Landscapes, in Alton, Ontario, for his painting "Redwing Blackbirds in Wetlands".

Donna Gordon - Past President

Donna Gordon graduated the O.C.A. fine art course and had a career as an illustrator and designer for 25 years.  Starting with pen & ink her media of choice became watercolour applied with an airbrush.  Sailing for almost twenty years resulted in a natural interest in marine art and many commissions of boat portraits.  Inspired by light and colour that occur in abstract and unexpected ways, her subjects are often realistic with an abstract aspect.  Contrasting the hard edge effect of the airbrush, She now paints primarily in acrylics which allows for a more spontaneous approach to her art.  Donna can be contacted at:

Elena Goriacheva

Gail Gregory

IMG 0970

Gail was born in Chicago and received her honours BFA in Illinois Wesleyan University. In 1969 she immigrated to Canada and made her home in Toronto. She was just in time to join the OPEN STUDIO Printmakers Co-operative and showed her work in their first public show in 1970.

Gail was employed at the Toronto Board of Education, but in 1987 was fortunate to be promoted to the position of Curator of their Museum and Archives. She earned her Museum Certificate from the Museum Association. There were busy years with research and records, displays and exhibitions, organizing and presenting programming and dealing with acquisitions. With the help of her volunteer group Friends of the Sesquicentennial Museum many things were possible. In her spare time Gail continued to show her artwork in public exhibitions and through two private galleries: Gallery Gabor in Toronto and The Paperworks Gallery in Calgary.

Following the amalgamation of school boards she had the opportunity to receive early retirement and pursue her artwork on a full time basis. Gail turned to painting rather than print making. In 2010 she formalized her position by becoming sole proprietor of Gregory Artworks. Gail continues to work in watercolour, acrylics and drawing.

Gail takes part in a number of annual art shows in Toronto. 'I know the pleasure of belonging to art groups - Central Connection and Beach Guild of Fine Art.'

Leora Haslett

Dawn Heatley

After working over forty years in the ER, I hung up my stethoscope and picked up my paint brush ready to commit to my favourite pastime. I have been painting for most of my adult life and have belonged to art groups in both Manitoba and Alberta. I am excited to join an art community in Toronto where I now reside. I love meeting new friendly people who share my passion for the arts, while learning new techniques. I have taken watercolour classes to enhance my craft. I consider myself a learner of life and embrace any opportunity for new experiences. Creating commissions of beloved pets and capturing landscapes are my greatest joys.

Nina Hodd

Nina   New Photo

Nina is a self-taught artist. Her artistic style is influenced by The Group of Seven & Inuit art. She enjoys painting various subjects, whatever stirs her interest at any given moment. Nina also likes painting facial expressions and emotions. Her artwork is rich in colour & texture. She is using her own unique technique which is quite challenging, the results are often surprising and intriguing. The achieved  shapes & textures are different in every piece. She enjoys spending time at the beach collecting pebbles, pieces of glass and wood. Nina is using these gifts of nature for her mixed media artwork: images of Inuksuk and trees on the beach.   

You can view Nina's art at:

Or you may contact Nina by phone at: 416-698-4646 or by e-mail at

Beverley Howell

Yvonne Jamieson

A Toronto artist who has developed many styles in the past twenty+ years with an emphasis on landscapes.Her oil paintings demonstrate a strong sense of colour, capturing the play of light, shadow and texture. The paintings evoke images of sunlight peeking through wooded areas of Muskoka and the urban streets of the Beach in Toronto.

Shirley Jones (Founding Member) - In Memorium

Shirley is, for the most part, a self taught painter, spending more and more time on her art over the past 15 years.  She is a founding member of the Beach Guild of Fine Art, a member of the Scarborough Arts Council, the Cedar Ridge Creative Centre Members Gallery and the Masterpiece Gallery Cooperative until its closure.  "My paintings express my personal sense of life.   People, animals, places and moments in time that seem special to me in some way inspire my oils, watercolours, ink sketches and acrylics." 

Dagmar Klopf

Usha Kumar

De Anne Lamirande - Past President
De Anne fell in love with art at a very young age her first oil painting was at age 7, she has made her childhood dream to be an artist come true, and has never looked back.  De Anne has been a commercial artist and sign painter since 1989. She attended George Brown College of Applied Arts from 1989 -1992 to study Sign Design and Production, Commercial Art and Airbrush Illustration. Taking additional courses in airbrushing and art metal work, then expanded her work to include mural painting in 1996. Owning her own company since 1990 and hired by clients including the Rolling Stones for Keith Richards, Mariah Carey, Warner Brothers and countless others. She has worked in film and commercials, painting props and wardrobe as well as at special events for companies like Converse 100 year anniversary and Teletoon. Her art has been seen and sold at ‘Canadian Music Week’ ,‘Molson Indy’ Toronto & Vancouver and 'Collage'. She has been a featured guest at numerous trade shows and was a member of ‘The Masterpiece Gallery’ 2003. The Distillery District Art Festival July 2013 and is the designer and lead painter of Warden Street Underpass at Warden and Danforth.  De Anne is thrilled to be a member of The Beach Guild of Fine Art, she enjoys painting commissions and making that one of a kind personal art for her clients. In in her spare time she paints for upcoming shows. Instagrm: debelieveinartTO

Winnie Larson

Donene Lashbrook - Supporting Member

For over 40 years, Donene has documented her extensive travels and everyday life through photography.  Many of the photographs compelled her to say "one day I'll paint this".  After years running a Toronto advertising agency and graphic design studio, a career change has feed up time to explore and develop her artistic talents.  Now she delights in using her photography as inspiration for her watercolour paintings.

Lynn Lavallee

Lynn was born and raised in Montreal. Although she dabbles in pencil, charcoal and watercolour, she works predominantly in acrylic. Her love of Mother Nature is more than evident  in her paintings. Her formal training was at Sir George, Concordia, McGill and York Universities. She can be reached at:

Sandra Lemieux

Sylvia Le Roy



Commissions Welcome!

Thong Ling - Supporting Member

Thong was born and grew up in Sarawak, Malaysia.  He learned to paint with watercolour when he was very small.  Throughout his school years two art teachers were his motivation and mentors.  That motivation grew into a lifelong passion for watercolour.  In 1979 Thong immigrated to Canada to futher his studies at York University.  Since then Canada's seasonal colour changes, rolling hills, countless lakes and great wilderness convinced him to stay for good.  Thong has had many of his graphics and artworks published.  He has also participated in several exhibits and shows.

Anne MacDonald - Supporting Member

Kim MacDonald

K. MacDonald is a Toronto born Canadian contemporary landscape artist known for her high realism paintings, as well as graphic art and impressionism styles. Influenced heavily by Canadian artists D.A. Dunford, Catherine O’Mara, Ed Novak and The Group of Seven, Kim strives to depict the water, rock and forests of the Muskoka landscape. A world traveller and professional landscape and travel photographer she incorporates her global view into many of her paintings sometimes depicting on canvas what her camera lens captures on film.
More of K. MacDonald’s work can be viewed at

Heather MacFarlane


Heather has loved nature from an early age. In her travels at home and abroad she explores nature’s vibrant colours, wildness, and many moods, reflecting them back into her art. Both painting and photography are constant in her life and evolve as she does. Heather has exhibited and sold her paintings in various venues. She has been both Vice- President and Treasurer twice for the Beach Guild of Fine Art, as well as Membership Coordinator.

Nora Macphall

Joan McDonald


Laraine McMahon-Nelson

Laraine McMahon-Nelson is a Toronto based artist who grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario. Her art is in private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.  Laraine studied visual art at the Toronto School of the Arts and The Haliburton School of the Arts. Her paintings and drawings include life drawing, mixed media, figurative abstract and portrait painting. She is currently working on a series of abstract paintings.  She volunteers at the Creative Works  Studio in Toronto.  To purchase a painting or commission Laraine to do an installation piece,  contact her through

Norma Meneguzzi Spall

Sunny Mills

Lori Molnar - Supporting Member

Franca Montelbetti

Joyce Nelson - In Memoriam

Joyce Nelson turned to visual arts in her mid fifties, after a lengthy career as a professional writer.  She graduated from the Adult Art Program at Central Tech in 2002 and has taken courses at Toronto School of Art and the Haliburton School of the Arts.  Nelson's work has been shown in two solo studio shows and in many group shows.  She became a member of the Beach Guild of Fine Arts in November, 2007.  

Barbara Ann Obrai

Carolyn Pack

Jennifer Pah

Elvi-Helena Pakkanen

Debbie Parrott

I have been painting and drawing since I was a small child as my mother and uncles all would do the same. I won my first ribbon in grade three for string with glue and paint (how exotic) and it was displayed at the CNE. Not sure where the ribbon is for proof.
I continued painting/drawing all through high school and college and headed off to George Brown for Graphic Design. After finishing the program and not really doing what I planned I designed a few logos, etc. and decided to do something else.  I traveled and then headed back to school for a Child and Youth worker.  After working in several agencies, I ended up at Children's Aid for the past 28 years, retiring this past January. Now I can follow my passion of painting, drawing and creating.  It was slow getting started, but now I feel energized and feel like my creativity and imagination is returning.  Although I paint mostly in acrylic, I enjoy using other mediums and am now experimenting with mixed media which I find fascinating. I paint from photos of my holidays and my surroundings. Something that will catch my eye to paint or use as a photograph to sell. I currently have some of my birds photo cards selling at Urban Nature in Pickering.
I am proud to belong to the Beach Guild of Fine Art, The Art Guild of Scarborough, Scarborough Arts and a long standing member of Cedar Ridge.  I love them all and the creative and talented people I've met a long the way. It's still a journey of discovery for  me and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Pam Reeves

Subjects of interest are the back streets, alleys and lane ways of Toronto and people in relationships. Her palette is muted, her subjects often verge on melancholy. She has studied at The Toronto School of Art, with Gary Smith , Don Cavin and Ian McArthur. She feels her paintings have to tell a story which the viewer can finish on his or her own.

Gail Rous

Samantha Sannella

Samantha Sannella is a watercolour and acrylic artist who finds inspiration in nature. Typically, accompanying each painting is an original poem. Her formal education includes a Bachelor of Fine Art from Louisiana Tech University and a Master of Architecture from University of Houston.  She is originally from a rural farm in southern Arkansas, but has lived in Toronto since 1998.  She is Mom to two boys, and two dogs and frequently paints rabbits as self-portraits. 

Vera Scott

Oakley Smith

My work is an exploration of various elements of reality. Concepts of chaos and organization, transition and permanence are used to further a study of consciousness and its interface with our relationship with the human condition. I see my role as collaborating with the flow of creative energy surrounding us.

Jennifer Smithwell

Marcella Spinace

Born in Argentina from northern Italian blood, she immigrated to Canada in 1972.  At an early age she was exposed to art by her father, a fine cabinet maker and a self taught artist.  Her love of nature and animals and her sensitivity for art drew her to explore her capabilities of painting. She began with oil painting. For the last 7 years she has been involved in acrylic painting classes with a local artist. She loves to work with vivid colours creating a variety of expressions, usually on larger canvases.

Susie Styrsky

Susie began drawing for her father at an early age. She studied art throughout her life starting with high school. Her father was a tailor, so she decided to attend George Brown College to study fashion design. After college , Susie worked for her husband's business "Flora Florist", which was established established in 1952. During this time, she became a member of Parkdale Village Art Collective (PVAC) and was involved in the creation of Gallery 1313. She also joined Georgian Bay Arts and Craft Association (GBACA). For over 10 Years Susie taught Art programs for children. She completed four murals for the city of Toronto in recreation centres (Masaryk-Cowan CRC and St. Lawrence CRC). Private collectors have optained her work. She completed a three year Adult Art program at Central  Technical School in 2014. Susie considers herself a multiple disciplinary Artist who works with oil,acrylic, mixed media, sculpture and photography.  Susie can be contacted at

Terry Tedesco

My style of fine art has developed over many years and I’ve shown only since 2016. My paintings are inspired by looking closely at my daily surroundings to explore the fascinating ever-changing effects of natural light. They are acrylic and mixed media landscape inspired expressions of my deepest feelings as I relate to my urban world.

I have been working in all forms of art and in visual art making for as long as I can remember. A former classroom teacher, visual art specialist, I have built my creative thinking skills over the years in many different 2D and 3D art making strategies, using a wide range of techniques and materials. I began painting landscapes and portraits in oils. However, my development and style of expression has evolved through lifelong exposure to art and especially as I continue to enjoy meeting professional artists, influential writers, poets, actors, directors, dancers and musicians. I am formally arts educated in my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the University of Toronto.

I paint with acrylics and mixed media with acrylics on canvas or wood panel. I also make garden inspired varied edition 1/1 collagraphs from mono prints on watercolour or yupo paper. I use professional grade archival quality materials only to assure the buyer that my paintings are made to last for generations.  I hope that my abstract designs offer multiple interpretations. Making abstract creations gives me the freedom to think and act differently and to probe the meaning more deeply. The colours I choose and especially my glossy sweeping lines are intended to illustrate thought provoking drama with shining dancing play on light. Though I use traditional painters’ techniques, I experiment continually to discover smart ways of using the new mark making materials I find. I try to render in my work the magic of light as it transforms colour, form and texture as the atmosphere transitions the landscape moment by moment.

So, my mixed media paintings today sometimes combine acrylics with watercolour or oil paints, a variety of acrylic mediums and inks. I am now painting with new brilliant metalics, shiny glosses, changeable interference colours and innovative sparkles to contribute to that genuine excitement I feel. I enjoy using translucent acrylic colours in my layers. As I discover the properties of new paints, I exploit the finding in my fresh design. 

My creation is finished when I see that I have intuitively found a pleasing illustration of concepts that seem to pop out of memory or imagination. Yet I desire to keep the interpretation open for the viewer to be invited continually to relate personally to the painting.

It is my good fortune that some very successful and influential artists have been my mentors. Sounds can be “heard”, appearing in Canadian painter John MacGregor like sweeping lines and in American painter Jackson Pollock inspired abundant drips, dribbles and drops! Some harmonious. Others not. Lines are usually soft and round to render a mood.

I hope the sensitive viewer will enter into the myriad of happenings in my painting very deeply to perceive silence in the stillness or a cacophony in the action and tell me about a fresh perspective. I want my works to offer joy, excitement and a feeling of wonder that provokes imagination like poetry or music to the mind and spirit.

Donna Volden

Marilyn Walsh

Art has always been a part of my life. I aim for uplifting interconnection between  humans and nature. I work with painting, printmaking and mixed media to represent my images/my dreams. I want to create without limitations.

Frank Zhang

Frank J. Zhang is an interdisciplinary artist with a practice that ranges from illustration, custom airbrush painting, body art, murals, and interactive art. He has specialized in airbrushing for over two decades. Frank graduated from OCAD University in Illustration. He holds a Master of Interdisciplinary Art, Media, and Design From OCADU, and a Master of Design from York University. Besides managing his studio business Spectra Art and Design Inc, Frank is passionate about teaching and learning. His research explores participatory methods that combine tangible and digital media in community-based teaching and collaboration. He also teaches sessional courses at OCADU and York University.

Simon Zhang

Simon Zhang is an artist and designer, living and working in Toronto. He has been represented by galleries in Toronto and Montreal where he participated in many art exhibitions and art fairs. He has held numbers of solo shows in Canada and China. His work is in private collections by patrons from Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and USA. His artwork has been exhibited in Germany and has also been auctioned by Neumeister in Germany, 2011 and Christie in UK, 2001. Simon has a B.A degree in Stage Design and a Diploma of Environmental Design, Ontario College of Art and Design (OCADU). He has worked in Interior design/architecture firms for the last 27 years. For further information, please visit the website: